4-Point Inspection

Need a Full-Service Home Inspector Near Orlando?

Need a Full-Service Home Inspector Near Orlando?

Call Sunshine State Home Inspections, Based in Windermere, FL, to Schedule a 4-point Inspection

If your home is at least 30 years old, you need to schedule a 4-point inspection. Windermere, Florida insurance companies have to determine if a home is worth insuring, and a 4-point inspection report will tell them everything they need to know. Sunshine State Home Inspections will inspect the essential parts of your home and update your provider for you.

Without a 4-point inspection, you may not be eligible to get or renew your home insurance policy. Plus, your provider won't know if you need to make any home improvements before they can insure it. Call 407-625-9184 now to schedule a 4-point home inspection in Windermere, Florida. You'll get all the answers you need so you can receive the right amount of coverage for your house.

What's covered in a 4-point inspection?

Just like the name implies, we'll examine four key areas of your home. We'll inspect your:

  1. Roof to learn its condition and approximate lifespan
  2. Plumbing to see if the pipes are damaged or outdated
  3. Electrical to assess the condition and safety of your wires
  4. HVAC system to find out how much longer it will last

Trust us to update you on the condition of your home. Contact us today to learn more about the 4-point home inspection process. We charge $175 for these inspections.