Wind Mitigation Inspection

$ Insurance Discounts $ From a Trusted Local Home Inspector

$ Insurance Discounts $ From a Trusted Local Home Inspector

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Insurance companies offer considerable discounts for homes built with high winds in mind. A Wind Mitigation inspection can help you reduce your homeowner's insurance premium by identifying key construction features used in high wind regions. We detail the roof decking and truss to wall construction of your home and as well as the style of roof. We fill out the paperwork and supply the pictures for your insurance company. A Wind Mitigation is typically valid for 5 years SAVING YOU MONEY NOW AND YEARS TO COME! br/>
State Home Inspections will perform wind mitigation on your Windermere, Florida home for a $175 fee.

Roof covering

Roof deck attachment

Roof-to-wall attachment

Roof style and shape

Gable end bracing

Wall construction

Secondary water barrier

Opening protection