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Protect your investment in your fabulous new home with an 11th month inspection.
Insurance companies in Florida require a 4-point inspection for homes that are older than 25 years to determine the insurance risk involved. A 4-point inspection will provide them with all the details they need to make this determination. A professional and experienced inspector from Sunshine State Home Inspections, LLC can conduct an inspection of all the key elements of your home and provide your insurance company with the required information.
Without a 4-point inspection, you may not be able to obtain or renew home insurance, and your insurance company will be unaware of any improvements you need to carry out to be eligible for insurance. Call us today to schedule a 4-point inspection for your older home in Florida. Our experts will gladly answer all your questions and provide you with any information you may need to enable you to receive sufficient coverage for your home.

What Does a 4-point Inspection Cover?

Dedicated Inspections

As indicated by the name, during a 4-point inspection we will inspect the four key elements of your home. These are:
You can trust us to provide you with reliable information on the condition of your house with our four point inspections. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our 4-point home inspections. The cost of these as a stand alone inspection is $175.00, they are always included in a standard inspection.