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Feel safe and assured in your manufactured home all around Florida.
When you buy a pre-owned manufactured or mobile home, your safety and the safety of your family depend on you making the right choice. It is essential to have it professionally inspected to safeguard yourself against possible financial loss, injuries to you and your family, or even worse.
At Sunshine State Home Inspections, LLC, we have many years of experience in inspecting manufactured homes in the greater Central Florida region. During this time, we have conducted substantial research into HUD standards for mobile home manufacture and installation, and have identified several common issues that occur on mobile homes when they age.
When you hire us for your manufactured home inspection, we will provide you with a detailed inspection report, including photos, to help you make an informed decision. There are many similarities between our manufactured home inspections and site-built home inspections, including inspecting the electrical panel and wiring, HVAC system, plumbing, roof, and an infrared scan for moisture intrusion. The total cost for a complete manufactured home inspection is $275.00.

Make Sure that your Mobile Home Can Pass a Tie-down Inspection

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles regulates all mobile homes in Florida. To ensure compliance with these regulations, we verify the following:
  • Check the manufacturer’s info sticker, usually located inside the master bedroom closet or a kitchen cabinet, to ensure that the home was designed to meet local wind loads and roof loads as specified by HUD.
  • Check for loose or corroded anchors or straps.
  • Locate and record serial number on HUD plate.
  • Look for any missing or loose parts, such as trim, skirting (with proper ventilation), and siding panels.
  • Inspect site-built additions. They should be free-standing, and not place any load on the walls of the mobile home, because a mobile home is designed to support only its own weight. Any additions should be flashed at the contact areas.
  • Check that the large interconnecting I-beams of the frame is not heavily rusted or bent.
  • Verify that the vapor barrier (belly board) under floor framing is not torn, sagging or deteriorated.
  • Ensure that there is adequate perimeter blocking under large wall openings, such as windows and doors.
  • Examine the foundation piers for damage or leaning. Confirm that they are in bearing contact with the mobile home frame. Check that the holes in the pier blocks are facing upwards, the pier caps are not rotten or cracked, and the leveling shims are secure.
  • Ensure that the anchor straps comply with the standards in place at the time the home was installed by determining the type, spacing, and method of attachment.
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