Experienced Inspectors

Save on your insurance with the help of a reliable local home inspector in Central Florida.
Homeowners who submit a favorable wind mitigation report to their insurance company can expect significant discounts on their premiums. Wind mitigation inspections are carried out to determine the ability of a home’s structure to withstand the effects of strong winds. They also identify and examine key areas in the construction needed in high wind regions. These areas include style of roof, roof decking, and truss to wall construction of your home. We will gladly complete the required documentation, including pictures, and submit it to your insurance company.

Detailed Reports

Our experienced inspector will look at the following key elements of the construction during a wind mitigation system examination:
Wind mitigation inspections are normally valid for a period of five years. Call Sunshine State Home Inspections, LLC today on 407-986-7744 to start saving on your homeowner’s insurance with a wind mitigation inspection for a fee of $125.